Jackson Rowland

Jackson is a strong believer in the positive impact capital can enable, and has experience unearthing that in a variety of ways.

Jackson began his career working with charities, including the Volunteer Army Foundation during the recovery of both the Christchurch earthquakes and Hurricane Sandy in New York. Following this, Jackson spent a few years in the corporate sector as a commercial lawyer where he did a variety of general corporate work, including advising startups during their early stages.

Since then Jackson has been working directly with startups, including Snowball Effect, an equity crowdfunding platform, and Joy Business Academy, the world’s first job seeking and online learning platform.

Through this experience, Jackson sees real potential in the social enterprise model as it plays on many of the strengths of each of these sectors, and is passionate about scaling the impact it enables through investment.

And, when he’s not helping people do good, you’ll probably find him at a beach. With a dog. And some food.

Jackson is based in Auckland.