Wilding & Co


Wilding & Co harvests wilding pines and distills them into pure essential Douglas Fir oil. By turning these pests into valuable, sustainable products, they fund the ongoing conservation of our native landscapes.


Michael Sly
Mathurin Molgat
Dave Turnbull
Paul Greeves
Steve Johnson
Ray Gazley
Rory McHarg
Saskia van der Geest

The Wilding & Co team has come together to clear and control the spread of wilding pines in native New Zealand landscapes.

The team harvests young wilding pines, which are destroying New Zealand’s natural environment, and turn them into high-value essential oils used in fragrances and other consumer products.

Hailing from a variety of backgrounds: entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, forestry managers, sales, marketing, and brand & communications specialists, some of the team have known each other for eons, others met at university and some have offered their support after finding out about their work in early 2014.




The Wilding & Co team intend to:

  • Clear and control the spread of wilding pines in native New Zealand landscapes
  • Increase the value and viability of land currently infested with wilding pines
  • Reduce potentially harmful toxins entering the environment
  • Increase awareness of the wilding pine issue in New Zealand
  • Create a self-funding perpetuating model of wilding clearance with multiple oil sales channels.

Launchpad goals

The team is planning to:

  • Establish and form the most appropriate business structure for Wilding & Co.
  • Create tight investor ready documentation that includes a locked down business model, steadfast figures and growth projections.
  • Identify and mitigate risks for the business.
  • Set realistic, time-bound and achievable targets for the business.
  • Tidy and firm up the Wilding & Co story, used in investor pitches, documents and general boiler-plate statements.

Find out more

You can visit the Wilding & Co website or Facebook page.

You can also read their profile or watch their video on New Zealand Herald.