Wellington Wind Group

The Wellington Wind Group is exploring ways to bring community energy to the Wellington region, initially through the acquisition of existing assets.


The group directors are Jan Rivers, Martin Barry and Paul Bruce.

What they’re doing and why

The Wellington Wind Group is made up of several Wellingtonians who are working on a number of initiatives to bring community-owned energy to Wellington. To start with, they are exploring opportunities in Wellington to set up community-owned wind turbines.



What we worked on together

  • We supported WWG explore how they might bring community energy to Wellington. This could include purchase or lease of energy assets like the Brooklyn Turbine.
  • We supported the team by facilitating meetings, investigating financials, and engaging with Meridian.
  • Meridian is planning to build a new Brooklyn Turbine in 2015, and WWG is continuing to explore opportunities within this area.

Incubation stage

We have completed our project work with WWG.

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