Thought-Wired uses brain-sensing technology to enable people with severe physical disabilities, who are non-verbal, to communicate and interact with the world around them.


Dmitry Selitskiy
Sarvnaz Taherian
James Pau

Thought-Wired began in 2010, with the idea of empowering people with severe disabilities to communicate and connect with family, friends and others, interact with the environment, and lead fulfilling independent lives.

Dmitry has a background in IT and business, James is a biomechanical engineer, and Sarvnaz is a research psychologist. The team have quickly learnt to combine their skills and bring their diverse experience to benefit Thought-Wired.




Thought-Wired want to:

  • Improve the quality of life for people with profound physical disabilities, their families and support networks.
  • Make the world more accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Launchpad goals

The team is planning to:

  • Refine their business and commercialisation plan.
  • Establish effective business processes.
  • Prepare to raise the necessary capital to get their product to market.

Find out more

Visit the Thought-Wired website.

You can also read their profile or watch their video on New Zealand Herald.