The Wellbeing Game


The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has developed a game that will cure Monday-itis and instill happiness and wellbeing into the life of every Kiwi employee. The Wellbeing Game web app rewards players for noticing the things they’re doing to help them stay happy and healthy – and to share these activities with others.


Philip Harper
Alison Ogier-Price
Carsten Grimm

The team is a passionate advocate for increased mental wellbeing in New Zealand, bringing their experience from the Mental Health Foundation and previous academic, education, health and service delivery roles.

The Wellbeing Game is a web-based activity game designed to improve wellbeing by making people more aware of the things they can do to support their own mental health.

The game enables participants to record and reflect on their wellbeing in an online community, and is based on a set of evidenced-based principles that were analysed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) for the UK Government’s Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing in 2008.




The team wants to successfully develop and scale the game into a sustainable venture to promote wellbeing in New Zealand.

The Wellbeing Game will help to improve the mental health of those playing the game by promoting easy ways to build healthy behaviours into daily activities.

Launchpad goals

The team is aiming to:

  • Successfully develop a financially sustainable social enterprise model for The Wellbeing Game.
  • Successfully transition The Wellbeing Game from a partnership model (co-developed with Community and Public Health at the Canterbury District Health Board) to be solely led by the Mental Health Foundation.

Find out more

Visit The Wellbeing Game website.

You can also read a team profile or watch their video on New Zealand Herald.