The SkyPath project will see the design, development and financing of a self-funding walking and cycling pathway across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


The Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Trust has initiated and developed the venture. Bevan Woodward has led the project delivery team.

What they’re doing and why

The AHB Pathway Trust’s goal is to develop the SkyPath, a walking and cycling pathway on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The SkyPath will act as a catalyst for the growth of walking and cycling in the region, encouraging Aucklanders and visitors to experience the city without the need for a car, and has economic, environmental and social benefits for Auckland.

The SkyPath will pay for itself with a user toll. Any profit from the Trust’s participation in the project will be returned to community walking and cycling projects.



Compass network

The following Compass Partners have worked with SkyPath so far:

Russell McVeagh

What’s next

The next steps are to secure all elements of the financial proposal and confirm agreement between various Auckland and national agencies, private investors, and the AHB Pathway Trust for the delivery of the SkyPath.