Initially established in Christchurch as a response to the mass demolition of damaged homes, Rekindle repurposes wood waste to make high-value furniture while equipping young people with skills and jobs. Rekindle is now looking to expand through a social franchising model.


Juliet Arnott

What they’re doing and why

Rekindle’s mission is to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully.

The first Rekindle workshop was set up in Christchurch in 2012. As a result of the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, there are approximately 7,000 homes in Christchurch that are due to be demolished.

Rekindle is developing employment opportunities and actively promoting craftsmanship, skill sharing and appreciation of the reuse of timber by working with Christchurch communities to transform wood that would otherwise be dumped.


Christchurch / Auckland

Compass Network

The following Compass Partners have worked with Rekindle:

What we worked on together

  • Ākina worked with Rekindle from October 2012 to August 2014, providing coaching, grant funding and brokering pro-bono support.
  • During this time we worked with Juliet to help her structure her business, develop her business model, and found ways to help her manage the growth of the business.
  • To enhance this work, we also brokered pro-bono support from our Compass Network partners, including legal work from Russell McVeagh, coaching support from Rosie Walford, and business planning support from KPMG.

What next?

  • Rekindle continues to inspire a new generation of waste-based design in New Zealand.
  • Rekindle has been funded by Auckland City Council to undertake a pilot study for the region.
  • Rekindle is now looking to attract new commercial leadership and investment to support its transition and growth to become financially independent.

Incubation stage

We have completed our project work with Rekindle.