Patu Aotearoa


Patu Aotearoa is developing a national franchise model for a group exercise programme designed specifically for Māori and Pasifika.


Levi Armstrong
Jackson Waerea
Kia Diamond

The Patu Aotearoa team is passionate about health and fitness and helping whanau to achieve their goals.

After working together as personal trainers at a local gym, Levi and Jackson decided to establish a group exercise programme with a difference. Levi had established a brand and workout called Patu, which they have developed into a programme that they offer to workplaces, schools and marae via a team of mobile trainers. By taking exercise to people, they are able to reach people who find it difficult to attend a gym, and offer programmes in places where they are more comfortable.

They have also developed a mobile app for people to download and use at their convenience.


Patu Aotearoa is based in Camberley in Hastings. Their mobile service covers most of the Hastings area.


The Patu Aotearoa team wants to enable more health conscious whanau throughout Aotearoa. They are keen to create NZQA accredited courses in health and fitness and provide employment opportunities for community leaders.

Launchpad goals

The team is planning to:

  • Build their capacity and capability.
  • Develop a national franchise or affiliation business model that will enable them to create a national umbrella organisation with a number of satellite regional gyms.

Find out more

Visit the Patu Aotearoa website or Facebook page.

You can also read their profile or watch their video on New Zealand Herald.