Ora Safety and Health


Ora Safety and Health is developing a tech tool that scans for impairment in real time so employees know they have their head in the game and are safe to work. The technology will provide a more accurate picture of employee impairment than current drug testing enables.


Jackson James Wood
Catherine McCullough
Sam Parkin
Liam Tohill

Jackson and Catherine have two years of experience working together in high-pressure situations. They decided to work together after a car ride one day where they decided they wanted to make the world a little bit better.

Jackson has a background in political communications and health and drug policy, and Catherine has a health and justice policy background.

Sam is an analyst developer who has a background in building software and finding solutions for problems.




Ora want to make workplaces safer and fairer.

Recent major accidents in forestry and adventure tourism industries have prompted questions about the risks in other safety critical sectors.

Currently, there is no standardised test for workplaces which tests for impairment. Many workplaces use drug testing as a proxy for impairment testing.

Testing for impairment will make workplaces safer by effectively ensuring people have their heads in the game while working on hazardous job sites.

Launchpad goals

The team is planning to:

  • Build a core team that includes technical experience
  • Bring partner companies onboard for testing
  • Produce a minimum viable product.

Find out more

You can visit the Ora website or visit the Ora Facebook page.

You can also read a profile about them or watch their video on New Zealand Herald.