Ooooby began as an idea in response to the overwhelming evidence that our modern industrial food systems are causing more damage than they are worth.


Pete Russell set up Ooooby in 2008, after building and working for a range of food logistics businesses. Ooooby has a growing team of advisors, growers and suppliers.

What they’re doing and why

Ooooby is a food box delivery service that focuses on local food communities. It sources a mixture of organic and non-organic vegetables and fruit and packages them up into a weekly food box to deliver to local households.

Their vision is to fundamentally change the food system by connecting local growers with consumers. By enabling more money to stay within the food system they hope to make local food producers more profitable, and find ways to encourage smaller producers (including home gardeners) to enter the market.

Ooooby is a commons based enterprise. All profits are reinvested into developing local food production, while ensuring that all participants in the supply chain are rewarded fairly for their contribution. This includes paying farmers 50 percent of the total retail value for the supply and delivery of the produce to the Ooooby hub.


Auckland and Sydney

What’s next

Ākina is supporting Ooooby with their business model development and product offering.