Conscious Consumers

What do Conscious Consumers do?

Conscious Consumers connect businesses and consumers who prioritise people and the planet. This is achieved through an accreditation process that helps consumers understand their consumption and support businesses that are aligned with their values.

What is Conscious Consumers’ structure?

Originally, Conscious Consumers was structured as a charitable incorporated society, which was how they protected their mission. When they reached a point where they needed capital to grow, they found it was impossible to do so under a non-profit structure since they had no ability to distribute profits. This led to them moving to a company structure. Conscious Consumers have continued to ensure that a controlling interest in the company remains with the charity, in order to keep protecting their mission.

How did Conscious Consumers access investment?

  1. Prior to raising, Conscious Consumers set up a trading company that could sell shares, with the controlling interest (>50%) held by the charity.
  2. Conscious Consumers funded itself to readiness through grant funding and project crowdfunding.
  3. An impressive 10,000+ consumers already using their platform and 300+ businesses paying for their accreditation service meant Conscious Consumers had proof that their business model works.

How did Ākina help?

Ākina provided the following support which allowed Conscious Consumers to strategically and successfully approach investors.

Ākina’s support in helping Conscious Consumers become investment ready.

What was the outcome for Conscious Consumers?

Impact investors were attracted to Conscious Consumers’ market offering leading to them successfully raising investment.

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