CareEd4 is a partnership between Barnardos and the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) that will provide tailored individual support to enable young sole parents to move from the benefit to work – and provide centre-based childcare that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Jody Hamilton
Cheryl Tolcher
Penelope Janes
Richard Manaton
Amanda Tolley

The team plan to develop a high quality childcare and education service that is fully responsive to the needs of working parents – offering a flexible, affordable and accessible service, available when parents need it.

The team draws on experts from within the Barnardos KidStart Childcare programme, and from the SBC’s Social Role of Business work programme. Both Barnardos and SBC have a desire to build resilience in vulnerable families, and have a shared view that childcare can be delivered in a more innovative and responsive way that better meets the needs of working parents.




For families, the impact will be:

  • Flexibility in work hours and location
  • An affordable childcare solution
  • Reduced tension between home and work life
  • The best start in education for children.

For employers, the impact will be:

  • An increase in available workforce
  • Employees who are available for irregular rosters
  • Employees who are focused on their role
  • Increased productivity.

For New Zealand, this will mean:

  • Improved productivity
  • A reduction in youth unemployment
  • A reduction in welfare dependency
  • A reduction in child poverty.

Launchpad goals

The team is aiming to:

  • Develop a pilot service by making use of the rapid innovation processes available through the Launchpad programme
  • Tap into a team of mentors who have the expertise they don’t have, and gain valuable outside perspectives.

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Contact the project leader Jody Hamilton on jody [at]

You can also read a profile and watch a video on New Zealand Herald.

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