Blueskin Energy

The Blueskin Energy Project is aiming to develop New Zealand’s first community-owned wind cluster, creating a long-term revenue stream that can be invested in local development.

Resource Consent Notification

The resource consent application to Dunedin City Council for the project was publicly notified on Wednesday 4 November 2015.  To read the application or to make a submission, please go to the council’s webpage.


The operations team is Scott Willis and John Kaiser, guided by Blueskin Energy Ltd Directors Charles Abraham, Tony Wilson and Chris Freear, with the support of a number of community volunteers.

What they’re doing and why

The team are working to provide their community with clean and efficient energy and create a revenue stream to invest back into other projects within their community.

Because there is no precedent for this model in New Zealand, the team are testing new ground and capturing their approach so that other communities can learn from them and get this fledgling sector moving across the country.


Blueskin Bay is near Dunedin.

Compass network

The following Compass Partners have worked with Blueskin so far:

Russell McVeagh scoped and recommended an appropriate legal form and governance model for community energy enterprise in New Zealand.

GL Garrad Hassan advised on a wind assessment for Blueskin and sourced vital measuring equipment.

What’s next

The next steps for the Blueskin Energy Project are to:

  • Secure resource consent
  • Secure legal, partner, supply and service agreements
  • Raise capital for development