Bikes in Schools

Bikes in Schools provides safe, accessible and replicable cycling environments for primary school children throughout New Zealand. Bikes in Schools is making a demonstrable and cost effective impact on health and education performance.


The Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust trustees are Paul McArdle, Meg Frater and Jonathan Kennett.

What they’re doing and why

Set up in 2010, Bikes in Schools have provided a complete cycling package in more than 25 schools across New Zealand so far.

The package includes a fleet of new bikes, helmets, bike tracks, bike storage and bike training within the school grounds.

The aim is to encourage children to become more active and healthy, help them develop various bike skills, build their self esteem and confidence, all while in a safe and familiar environment. Bikes in Schools have produced a short video to demonstrate how the programme works.


Bikes in Schools have developed packages for schools across New Zealand with particular focus in Hawke’s Bay and Auckland so far.

Compass Network

The following Compass Partners have worked with Bikes in Schools so far:

Bikes in Schools has also been sponsored in the past by the ActivePost, New Zealand Post’s community programme for getting New Zealanders active, healthy, and engaged in community sport.

What’s next

Bikes in Schools are developing a sustainable business model that will enable them to scale up their impact.