Jill Borland

Jill is a system and organisational change strategist, passionate about impacting the way we ‘do work’ in New Zealand; to enable the wellbeing of people and the environment to be at the centre of decision making.

Recognised as a creative solution finder who combines strong engagement, relationship and organisational development skills to facilitate collaboration and collective impact, Jill seeks to enable supportive and coordinated ecosystems that put the wellbeing of people and the environment at the centre of decision making.

Jill is in the final stage of MBA completion and holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology, DipGrads in Teaching and Event Management. She in keen to understand how amplification of the lived experience might reduce the distance between government policy and service design to drive positive social change.

Jill has spoken and facilitated nationally and internationally in the contexts of purpose driven leadership, systems change, collective impact, strategic alignment, high performance and community sport coaching and development, workforce development, wellbeing and tertiary education management.

When not trying to change the world or help others do good, Jill is likely to be out dancing, skating, practicing yoga, or enjoying the fresh air with her dog and family.

Jill works nationally and is based in Christchurch.

Linked In profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jill-borland-430a8b12/