Dr Jacqueline Parisi

Jacqueline has been engaged in capacity development and in the development and implementation of organisational strategy for more than 20 years. She has held executive leadership roles in the private, public and development aid sectors, and in international consulting firms. In addition to her work for Ākina, Jacqueline is Executive Director of Rakata International and The Impact Effect. Current projects of The Impact Effect include the development of a range of social enterprises in China and India, for people affected by leprosy, and in Laos, for victims of sex-trafficking.

Jacqueline has an MBA from Southern Cross University and also has a doctorate-level degree. Her thesis was entitled ‘Capacity building in non-profit organisations in the development aid sector: Explanatory research of capacity building in Indonesia in 2008 and an investigation into the diffusion of capacity building techniques between sectors’.

Jacqueline has also held Board positions for non-profit organisations such as SurfAid International and Project K in New Zealand. She is a founder member of the Sahana Executive Advisory Committee and currently serves as Advisor to the Mekong Club, an international organisation fighting slavery and trafficking. Jacqueline also supervises research candidates engaged in doctoral-level academic research.

She has worked in Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and UK.  Jacqueline is based in Hawkes Bay.