We want to help get your social enterprise idea off the ground.

Launchpad Programme workshop #1
Launchpad is Ākina’s programme to get New Zealand’s best social enterprise ideas off the ground in six months. The first Launchpad was held in 2014/15 (read more here), and we are excited to announce a new Launchpad for 2017: Launchpad Work. Launchpad is an intensive accelerator for teams with big ideas who will benefit from support, coaching and training from a dedicated team of handpicked professionals and social enterprise experts from across New Zealand. Launchpad is designed to take inspired business ideas and turn them into tested, investment-ready social enterprises that will have a big impact on a social or environmental problem.

Launchpad Work started in May 2017. If you’re a social enterprise creating employment opportunities in the Auckland region, please click here to learn more and get involved. If you’re not a social enterprise creating employment in Auckland but you’re interested in participating in other Launchpad accelerators, let us know with this form and we’ll keep you updated.

The programme offers teams the opportunity to learn about the business skills needed to develop and run a successful social enterprise. They have access to start-up training, mentoring and leadership coaching and learn how to use business innovation processes to build a sustainable business model, covering Lean Startup, business modelling, strategy, finance, sales and marketing.

Alongside the theory and tools, teams get access to successful social entrepreneurs who will share their experience and advice.

Previous Launchpad ventures:
Wilding & Co
Mr Foureyes
Take My Hands
Ora Safety and Health
The Wellbeing Game
Food, Farms and Freshwater
Patu Aotearoa

The teams gain from:

  • A powerful and supportive learning environment – provided by a close-knit group of teams supporting and inspiring each other
  • A structured development pathway with clear timeframes and milestones
  • Learning how to use business innovation processes to build sustainable and successful business models
  • Support and guidance from a dedicated team of handpicked professionals and social enterprise experts
  • Access to a network of world-class mentors from all sectors across the country
  • A pathway to future funding – opportunities to engage with a broad range of external funding partners (to secure grants, loans, equity, hybrid arrangements etc as required)
  • The potential for ongoing coaching and support from Ākina after the programme has concluded.