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Ākina Foundation’s Investment Readiness Grant was a New Zealand first, that provided social enterprises and mission-driven organisations with grants of $5-10k for support from professional services to secure investment.

Grant funding could be used for legal support, financial modelling, funding strategy, design for videos or other communications – whatever organisations needed to get funders on board.


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - October 09: Launchpad Programme workshop #1 October 09, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. - The ?kina Foundation is running the Launchpad programme for the first time in 2014/15. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/ mark
What did organisations need?
  • A social or environmental mission.
  • Established trading activities or a plan that has been tested with customers.
  • A strategy for growth and a need for capital to fund it.
What did organisations receive?
  • A session with Ākina’s Impact Investing team to assess their needs and provide advice on what services they would find most valuable.
  • $5-10k to purchase any services that would help them become investment ready (this could be from any organisation, there are no limits!).
  • Connections to investors that fit their profile.
What did organisations need in their application?
  • A clear and concise description of their mission and how they intend to achieve it.
  • A clear and concise description of how their organisation makes money.
  • Financial records of their trading activities for the last 12 months (if any).
  • A brief description of their plans for growth and how a grant would help carry out those plans.


What was the timeline?
What was the assessment criteria?
What could the money be spent on?
I want to support these organisations, how do I get involved?
Did the money have to be paid back?
What is a social enterprise or mission-lead organisation?
What was the time commitment?
What was in it for Ākina?