Impact Investment

Ākina’s Impact Investing team is focused on both growing impact investment activity in NZ and helping businesses that generate social value to access the capital they need to grow.

What is impact investment?

An impact investment will generally have the following characteristics (with reference to the Global Impact Investing Network):

  1. The investor chooses to invest because of the social or environmental benefits created.
  2. The investor also expects a profit. This profit may or may not be at the same level as tradition investment.
  3. An impact investment can take many forms, including giving a loan or buying into a social enterprise.
  4. The social or environmental benefit is measured so that both social and financial returns can be demonstrated to the investor.

Why Impact Investing?

Impact Investing is becoming a critical form of investment all over the world as intentions to do business for good gain momentum. It is a huge advantage to have aligned investors who invest for the same reasons your business exists – making shareholder interactions useful and efficient. Where investors understand the social or environmental outcomes that will be achieved you may be able to access concessionary financial returns or more flexible terms of investment to enable your mission.

How can we help?

Impact Investment / Investment Support
Are you a social enterprise that is seeking investment? If so, head over to the I’m looking for investment page to see the variety of ways we can help.

If impact investing sounds like something you’re interested in – whether you’re an investor, organisation or just want to know more or get involved – check out NZ’s Impact Investing Network (IIN). The IIN promotes impact investment-related news and events, provides tools and resources, and enables connectivity, coherence and investment. Become a member here.

We regularly run workshops on funding social enterprise.  These workshops will give you an overview of your options, an understanding of funding strategy and some practical steps to get you started. Go to our Workshops page to see which workshops are coming up in your area.

Case Studies

If you think your organisation could be suitable for Impact Investment, visit the I’m looking for investment page to find out how we can help.


If you have any questions or would like to set up a free initial consult to discuss your needs and how we can help, please contact our investment manager: