Take your Social Enterprise to the Next Level

Elevate is an Ākina programme that works with a group of social enterprises throughout 2017 across topics that are fundamental to success.

The programme provides a supported learning environment that combines group learning, specialist knowledge and tools, and mentoring.


Why Elevate?


Build skills and tools to grow your knowledge


Apply these to your venture to build confidence

Step forward with clear and supported action plan

Who’s Elevate For?



Elevate is for Social Enterprises, or organisations that are seeking to transition to a Social Enterprise operating model (e.g. Not-For-Profit, community organisations, purpose-led business).



Programme Modules




How to Participate in Elevate

There are two Elevate programmes that you can sign up to, depending on your organisation’s current stage of maturity. To find out more about each programme, click on the icons below.

You’re in the early stages of operating your social enterprise.

You’re established and want to take your performance to the next level.




How do I know which Elevate programme is right for me?
When is Elevate starting?
Is Elevate free?
The modules in both Establish and Perform are the same - why is Elevate Perform more expensive?
What if I don't have more than one person who I'd like to bring along to Elevate. Is this okay?
Why is Elevate: Perform priced per module while Elevate: Establish is priced for the entire programme (four modules)?


If you’ve still got questions, or would like to speak to someone about Elevate, feel free to get in touch with the team at elevate@akina.org.nz