Acceleration for Results

Acceleration for Results is a programme aimed at shifting MSD providers to results-based contracting models.

Under the Community Investment Strategy, MSD is committed to shifting all its service providers to results-based contracting by July 2018. Results-based contracts are focused on the results or outcomes providers deliver, rather than the amount of activity they undertake. This change aims to better align funding to those most vulnerable in the community, and to services and providers who are able to demonstrate they are meeting these needs, with evidence about what works.

MSD has initiated this programme to produce learnings and test ideas on how MSD and other providers can best transition to results-based contracts. This programme will work with a small number of existing MSD providers and their respective MSD Community Investment Advisors at MSD to prototype, test and refine approaches to results-based contracting.

Accelerating for Results will use a human-centred design approach to identify the obstacles to results-based contracting on both provider and MSD sides, and then work together to find solutions. This means exploring the wide range of factors that influence our collective readiness for result-based contracts.

Results-based contracting

For providers this means a chance to influence and shape the future in how MSD engages with providers, and how it measures results across different areas. It is also a chance for providers to receive support to build their capability to move towards results-based contracts and better understand the outcomes of their services.

The programme is running in multiple stages from November 2016 to June 2017, with a small number of providers added to the programme in each stage.