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FTBG Bottles

For The Better Good: For The Better Good is a New Zealand start up who provides a road map to ending the negative effects of plastic. FTBG has pinpointed plastics pain points and addressed each one to deliver a product that is better for us and the planet. FTBG has released a bottle of water that is made from renewable resources instead of oil as well as being non-toxic, reusable, recyclable and compostable. They have partnered with over 100 outlets to provide refill drop off points throughout NZ, taking product stewardship to the next level for the industry. FTBG are seeking investment so they can fulfil large orders, and continue scaling their business.

Humanitix founders

Humanitix: Humanitix is the world’s first not-for-profit ticketing platform which is coupling business & technology to redirect the billions of dollars in resented ticketing fees into solving global inequality, and utilising digital cognitive technologies to include disabled people in live events. Humanitix are seeking investment to enable them to increase their capacity to scale their business in NZ.

Thoughtwired Team

Thought-Wired: Thought-Wired is an Auckland-based hi-tech social enterprise start-up that created nous™, a wearable eye blink switch for computer access for people who can not move or speak. Thought-Wired are seeking investment to grow their team so they can scale their product sales.

Loomio team

Loomio: Loomio is a NZ company building and delivering a software app that helps people make decisions together. Loomio are seeking investment so they can grow their customer base and continue to improve their software product, including by creating a mobile app.

Xtreme Compost

Xtreme Zero Waste: Xtreme Zero Waste is a community enterprise using business as a tool to meet the needs of our community. XZW operates the Raglan Resource Recovery Centre, which gives our community opportunities to access their resources. At approximately 75% diversion from landfill, XZW are turning Raglan’s waste into resources and moving forward towards zero waste. XZW are seeking investment to scale their business so they can grow their environmental impact.

LearnCoach: LearnCoach is New Zealand’s first online school. This means that any secondary student can learn on the website, sit real exams, and gain real (NZQA-approved) qualifications – at any time, from anywhere in the world. In the past two years, LearnCoach has grown to 150,000 NCEA students using the platform each year, that’s over 70% of the entire NCEA population. LearnCoach is seeking investment to create more courses and refine it’s platform so that it can provide learning opportunities to more kiwis.

BBM training session

BBM: BBM is a business that promotes a healthy lifestyle programme through regular exercise and diet. It is a communal based approach with the programmes held in the outdoors using no equipment simply relying on body movement e.g. walking, running and calisthenics. The primary group target is from low-socio economic areas whose participants are mostly obese and suffering from various health ailments and mental health issues. BBM is seeking investment to scale the business so that it can become financially sustainable while supporting more people.