The Hon Alfred Ngaro Praises Ākina’s Efforts

Here at Ākina we were so pleased to see New Zealand’s Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, the Hon Alfred Ngaro, comment positively on the upcoming Social Enterprise World Forum and the work the Ākina Foundation have been putting into it, as well as Ākina’s ongoing support for social enterprises.

Mr Ngaro highlighted Akina’s increasing prevalence and support in the social enterprise, including the rise of our support to “almost 250 more social enterprises in 2016 than…the year before”.

Ākina felt it was wonderful to hear Hon Ngaro’s genuine interest in social enterprise and his commitment to support the sector.

It was wonderful to see the social enterprises he mentioned included Kilmarnock Enterprises and Patu Aotearoa, two social enterprises that Ākina have worked closely with.

Mr Ngaro described how social enterprise connects to the culture of Māori and Pacific people, “Māori and Pacific business owners in particular will often reinvest their profits back into their communities”. The cultural fit of social enterprise in New Zealand shows why there is a rise in social enterprise startups and investor interest.

Mr Ngaro’s insights and knowledge of the deep cultural roots of the sector within the Māori and Pacific business communities in particular will be of significant value for discussions at this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum.

He explained he was pleased to see the boost the Social Enterprise World Forum would give to the visibility of social enterprise in New Zealand and hoped it would inspire growth here and overseas.

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