Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 and its Pacific Connection

Ākina Foundation, the host organisation for the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum, is pleased to announce an important conference collaboration with Pacific Business Trust.

The forum, which will bring around 1200 global and national delegates to Christchurch from September 27th-29th, is a critical opportunity to showcase the social enterprise leadership of the Pacific community.

A 2011 New Zealand discussion paper by Stephen McKernon and Sara Bennett, highlighted social enterprise as an important pathway to better social and economic outcomes for Pacific people.

General Manager of Ākina Foundation, Louise Aitken, echoed this sentiment.

“Social enterprise is a growing business model that builds communities while being economically sound. We’re really pleased to see Pasifika people engaging with social enterprise, as it will provide them with an excellent foundation for long-term business and help to address the needs of Pasifika people and wider community.”

The Pacific Business Trust, an organisation set up to develop enterprise as a means of addressing economic disparity within the Pacific community, has also recognised the leadership of the Pacific community in this space. As a result, Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira, Chairman of the Pacific Business Trust stated that the organisation was pleased with the opportunity to work with the Ākina Foundation.  

“Within our diverse Pacific cultures, a uniting theme is the importance of reciprocity within our communities. As a result, social enterprise is a natural avenue for our people. We’re excited to collaborate with Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 to reflect this.”

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