Social Enterprise Story: emBODYoil


Founder: Gretel Jack

Type of organisation: Limited Liability Company



Who is emBODYoil? 

EmBODYoil was founded by Gretel Jack in 2016. Gretel has had a lifelong passion for plants and the holistic benefits they can provide. She spent much of her rural upbringing in the garden; planting and caring for trees and preparing them or parts of them for human, animal or insect nourishment.

As her natural interest in the health of plants, people and the planet grew, her formal study included gaining NZ registration as a Nurse (BHSc), a Diploma of Aromatherapy, a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Postgraduate studies in Health Promotion, Meditation and other health-related explorations.

The purpose of creating the emBODYoil range of face and body oils was not only to use the freshest, highest quality most nourishing plant oils possible, but also to raise awareness of individual and collective strengths. Gretel lives with complex health and mobility challenges. The emBODYoil products are mainstays in her personal pain management toolkit. This social enterprise is an expression of gratitude for the decades of kindness and care received from family, friends and health professionals.

Gretel’s work experience extends far into the healthcare sphere and beyond. She has taken on nannying, nursing, cooking, aromatherapy, sport and oncology massage, skincare product development, national and international sports team management, community gardening, organic farming and public health.

 What problem is emBODYoil trying to solve?

 EmBODYoil products have been created to enhance health and well-being. They serve as a reminder of the many qualities we have within – kindness, courage, joy and peace – and of how being mindful of these qualities can allow one to embody them more fully within ourselves and others.

The top priority of their ‘Spreading Kindness’ gifting programme currently, is New Zealand’s largest and busiest hospital – Auckland City Hospital. This programme allows them to sustainably gift product to some of the many courageous hospital and healthcare communities around NZ and beyond. Their range of face and body oil is designed to support optimum quality of life during times of pain, stress, fatigue and sadness.

Thanks to the support of customers, they are now spreading this programme to even more healthcare communities. Every purchase of emBODYoil product helps to ensure the development and sustainability of this gifting programme so that it can become a long-term complement to the healthcare practice.

Gretel believes kindness can help nurture our ability to live each moment to its fullest while living with the complexities of human life. EmBODYoil’s goal is to encourage the spreading of kindness generally, but focusing on the caring communities upon which we sometimes rely – in particular, hospital and healthcare entities.

The impact so far

The value of this gifting programme regarding social impact is difficult to measure in exact terms. However, their sincere hope is that every drop of kindness has a ripple effect of compassion across humanity and our shared experience of living. The total dollar value of products gifted to designated healthcare communities is easier to measure directly and is available at the end of each financial year, which they look forward to sharing.

The future of emBODYoil

EmBODYoil hopes to find angel investors interested in helping them grow and develop the enterprise, ideally with expertise and experience in marketing and distribution. They also hope to build the spreading kindness aspect of the enterprise further, so that a culture of gratitude and appreciation for healthcare communities can evolve. EmBODYoil wishes to implement tangible additions to healthcare clinics, such as mindfulness/massage rooms for staff to take 5-10 minutes out of their day to de-stress and take care of their own holistic health and well-being. They also hope to have product available as an optional extra on the wards and in clinics where it’s welcome.


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