Rotary Club of Newmarket Kick-start Award: How Support from Rotary and Ākina can Benefit Social Enterprises

Sometimes social enterprises get stuck. This isn’t for lack of trying, nor for lack of good ideas and smarts. In fact, generally social enterprise founders have fantastic ideas and are quite knowledgeable.

Social enterprises can be held back by any number of things. This could include lack of advice and support on how to design a successful business, having a lack of resources to trial and test their business model for validation, lack of expertise around creating strategic operations for proving viability, or simply not possessing the know-how to design an expansion strategy that will generate social and financial returns.

Whatever is holding your social enterprise back, it can often boil down to needing one thing: Money.

Whether you’re needing expert advice on something, wanting to attend a workshop to develop an aspect of social enterprise, or are needing some support in completing certain tasks, none of this comes free, or even cheap.

But all hope is not lost! For the second year in a row we’re teaming up with Rotary Club of Newmarket to provide social enterprises with the boost they need to continue on their journey.

Whether you’re an early-stage, operational, or well-established social enterprises, as long as you reside in the greater Auckland region (your social enterprise’s impact can be local, national, or global) then we want to hear from you!

The Rotary Social Enterprise Kick-start Award will provide $10,000 to kick-start the top venture that applies (or give them a boost to keep going). Applications will be opening on July 1st, 2017. To get some tips on how to communicate in a compelling way, click here.

$10,000 is certainly nothing to sniff at and could enable you on the four stage growth pathway that every social enterprise should go through: design, validation, viability, and expansion.

For your application you’ll need to show you’ve strategically considered how to use the $10,000. So how can you budget this? Well you’ve got your classic Excel or Google Sheets, both very legitimate options for budgeting. Check out this or this for an idea on how to create a simple budget.

Remember the sky’s the limit with what you choose to spend the money on for your social enterprise. Some ideas are:

  • Business development workshops
  • Research and development
  • Strategy professionals
  • Marketing and communications expertise
  • Operational support

So give why not give it a shot? From July 1st, apply for the Rotary Kick-start award or share this with anyone who you think would like to apply.