Social Enterprise Story: GOOD Travel



Founders: Eliza Raymond, Shelley Bragg, Heidy Aspilcueta and Caitie Goddard

Type: Social Enterprise (Limited Liability Company)

Have you ever thought about the social, economic and environmental impact of your travels?

It can be easy to forget about sustainability when you’re on holiday in another country. I’m sure many people would be guilty of just switching off entirely once they’re onboard the plane!

GOOD Travel gives you a way to travel easy, and with a positive impact.

Founded by four awesome women, GOOD Travel will only include businesses that fit the GOOD Travel ethos in your travel itinerary.

That means you can switch off and rest easy knowing that you’re supporting local businesses, offsetting your carbon, and making some sort of positive impact on the communities you’re visiting.

You can work with GOOD Travel to build a custom itinerary, or simply join an existing trip. Whether you’re looking for a wild adventure or a relaxing retreat, you can guarantee GOOD will help you get off the beaten track and explore places and activities unique to the country you’re visiting.

Eliza Raymond, Shelley Bragg, Heidy Aspilcueta and Caitie Goddard wanted to leverage the powerful, global force of the travel industry for good. And so GOOD Travel took root.

Generating US$7.2 trillion annually and accounting for approximately one in eleven jobs globally, tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. Although some of this does provide income opportunities in local communities, other economic, social or environmental effects are not always considered.

In an industry this powerful, GOOD Travel’s co-founders believed there was huge potential to reduce poverty, empower communities and support the protection of local cultures.

Founded in 2013, GOOD Travel’s vision is to promote and facilitate travel that has a positive impact. They hope to change the way we explore our world by traveling in a way that seeks to enrich both our experiences and the lives of people in the communities we visit.

Eliza Raymond explains that they were initially drawn towards a charity model for GOOD Travel, however, after some great discussions they decided that a social enterprise model was the best fit.

“Our vision is to transform the travel industry into a force for GOOD – and the majority of the travel industry is a for-profit industry,” she says. “By using a social enterprise model, we are showing that it’s possible to have a successful tourism business whilst also keeping GOOD at the core of every decision we make.”

GOOD Travel focuses on advocacy activities, specifically targeting travellers. Their advocacy includes group trips, which educate travellers and bring them to GOOD tourism businesses ranging from carbon-neutral lodges protecting wildlife in the Amazon jungle to micro-finance tours supporting entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

Supporting local businesses in the GOOD Food tour to Peru

Sharing sewing techniques with InvesTours entrepreneurs on the GOOD Well Retreat to Tanzania

A real, positive impact

“I have never been on a trip quite like this before. The love, connection, and family created was amazing. Also, being on an adventure like this where we do GOOD just as much as we feel GOOD is the best kind of vacation.”
– Baron, Tanzania 2017.

To date GOOD Travel has…

  • Donated over $10,000 to fund community projects ranging from a water tower in Zanzibar to scholarships for young women in Peru.
  • Enabled travelers to spend approximately $125,000 at GOOD tourism businesses around the world.
  • Directly influenced the ways that 55 travelers see the world and their place in it through our trips.
    Spreading the GOOD word…

GOOD Travel host and speak at events and use the power of social media to provide practical and accessible information to our community of GOOD travelers. So far, they have increased awareness of sustainable travel to over 2,000 social media followers and shared the GOOD Travel philosophy to over 270 people at a range of events.

Over the next year, GOOD Travel will directly shape the traveling choices of 250 travelers through their memberships and trips, with the goal of increasing their annual spend at GOOD businesses to over $600,000 annually. In addition, they’re aiming to expand their social media community to over 5,000 travelers and host a conference in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2017. This conference will provide an estimated 250 additional travellers with the inspiration, tools and resources they need to become GOOD travelers.

GOOD Travel also regularly update their blog with local business features, tips for traveling sustainably and some stories about their amazing adventures.

Check out their website and follow their blog here.