Calling Asia-Pacific Incubators and Accelerators

Ākina is overjoyed to be part of Frontier Incubators, with DFAT Innovation Exchange.

This programme is designed to build the capacity of incubators and accelerators in the Asia-Pacific region, increasing the quality of support services these organisations offer to innovative entrepreneurs and enterprises. Frontier Incubators will assist regional ecosystems to develop innovative enterprises that can secure investment, scale their impact, and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are running an incubator or accelerator in the Asia-Pacific and would like to strengthen your program and improve the services you offer, apply before 31st July at Frontier Incubators

To be eligible for this program your organisation should be:

  • Working in one (or more) of our target countries, and employ local staff.
  • Regularly supporting “classes” or “cohorts” of innovators/entrepreneurs/enterprises with mentorship, training, and connections to investment with the aim of helping them to scale.
  • Supporting enterprises that are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goalsand delivering impact through their business operations. These enterprises do not need to identify as a “social enterprise”.

This is a general guide of what the programme is looking for but- it is not definitive. While there is a strong preference for organisations that meet these criteria, applications from organisations that do not fully meet all criteria may be considered. For further information or to contact Frontier Incubators, visit the website.