New Zealand’s social procurement marketplace, where organisations can buy from certified social enterprises, delivering your procurement needs and creating impact.

About Ākina Market Connect

The social enterprise sector is growing significantly worldwide, growing economies in a way that creates transformative impact for some of society’s toughest problems. This is happening in New Zealand, too, with more and more social enterprises delivering high quality goods and services in a way that tackles social and/or environmental problems.  

Ākina Market Connect is a marketplace that connects Buyers to social enterprise supplier organisations. By spending money this way, Buyers can deliver impact through their usual procurement process - effectively delivering greater value for every dollar spent. Smart, sustainable procurement.  

Social procurement is also transformational for the social enterprise Suppliers, creating access to markets that are critical to establishing and growing their work, and most importantly their impact.  

For Buyers 

Ākina Market Connect puts impact into your supply chain.  

Ākina Market Connect connects organisations to certified social enterprise Suppliers to meet your procurement needs, in a way that delivers value beyond the transaction and fosters innovation in your supply chain. This is real impact that is enabled by you as the purchaser, using social procurement as a tool to deliver on your organisational strategy.  

To find out more about becoming a social procurement Buyer on Ākina Market Connect, visit the Buyer page below.  

For Suppliers

Ākina Market Connect connects you to socially driven buyers. 

The marketplace is about connection in a meaningful way. As a certified Supplier, you will have visibility and connection to organisations that want to buy your goods/services.  

If you are a social enterprise looking to access engaged business and government Buyers, then click below to learn more about becoming a Supplier on Ākina Market Connect. 

About Ākina

The Ākina Foundation is growing social enterprise across New Zealand. We believe social entrepreneurs and social enterprise represent a powerful opportunity to build a new economy that regenerates the environment and creates social foundations for people to thrive.