Rotary Club of Wellington Social Enterprise Kick-start 2016

The Rotary Club of Wellington and the Ākina Foundation have joined forces to kick-start Wellington region-based social enterprises by providing $10,000 in cash to promising start-ups – with up to $8,000 for the top venture.

The judges have a preference for early stage yet well formed ideas and start-ups, while also accepting proposals from existing organisations with new projects. You need to be based in the Wellington region, although the impact of your project may be local, national or global.

Please submit a three-minute video as the main part of the application, introducing yourself and your social enterprise concept.  It doesn’t need to be fancy but it should cover these four points:

  • What social or environmental impact you intend to have
    What problem are you addressing? What change do you want to make?
  • How you plan to deliver and sustain your enterprise
    How will you solve this problem? Who will pay you for this? How will this work as a sustainable business?
  • Why you are the team to make this happen
    Who are you? What skills, experiences, and relationships do you have that will help you do this?
  • What difference will this money make to your idea?
    What will you use the money for? How will that help you start?

Remember, the video doesn’t need to be complicated – you can produce it however you like.  The story, structure, and production effort is totally up to you.  The most important thing is to explain your venture or proposal as this is what we’ll be judging you on.

We’re hosting a lunchtime workshop at noon on Tuesday July 5th at Ākina to help you produce a winning application. This is a chance to learn more about the judging criteria, ask questions of the selection panel, and get some coaching on your application. Click here to book a space on July 5th.

A second lunchtime workshop is being held at noon on Tuesday July 12th at Ākina to help with the video component – find out more here.

To apply for the award itself, fill out our online form. You’ll need to tell us a little about yourself and include a link to a three minute video that explains your idea.  On July 12th we will be running a session to help competitors create their video. Click here to book a space on  July 12th.

The Applications close Sunday 31st July 2016.

Apply online here