Go Fund Yourself!

How do you get investors on board with a proposal to grow your social enterprise?

First thing investors want to know before they will part with their $$ is that you have a clear plan for how their investment will create impact and value.  Next they want to know what further funding you will need, and when.  And then how you will repay their investment with a return.

We want to help you set your strategy, hone your pitch, develop your deal documentation, and engage with industry experts and investors in an intensive workshop series.

Go Fund Yourself is our Investment Readiness Programme is a series of six one-day workshops run by Ākina’s Dave Allison and Emma Geard with the help of special guests as speakers and mentors.

Who should apply?

We are looking for a small group of enterprises that meet the following criteria:

  • Your enterprise is trading or about to launch a product or service
  • You have a thorough understanding of your customers and market
  • Your trading activities are linked to social or environmental outcomes, and
  • You want to raise investment in the next 6-12 months.

What’s involved?

The six one-day workshops will be held on Thursdays from 11 August to 22 September (that’s two blocks of three weeks, with a one week break in the middle).  We are planning to pilot in Wellington, but are keen to hear where most interest is, so get in touch!  Fill out the form and let us know if we should be coming to your region.

There will be a combination of presented material and discussions but the emphasis is on practical work.  There will be opportunities to engage with industry experts and investors throughout. You’ll be getting work done on your business in the workshops and there will be an expectation of hard work between workshops too.

But, you won’t be alone! Between the workshops there will be direct mentoring sessions and you will be part of a cohort of peers, facing this challenge together.

What will you gain?

  • A clear strategy for resourcing your social enterprise over the next 12-24 months and how to raise money
  • Understanding of different forms of investment and expectations of return
  • Knowledge of regulations around raising investment
  • Familiarity with legal terms and documentation for getting deals done
  • A polished pitch to investors with a clear ask, and
  • Insight into potential investors, where and how to approach them and in most cases you will have started discussions.

How much does it cost?

The programme is $2,000+GST per team (up to two people can participate from one enterprise), plus a commission is charged for successful investment in the six months following the programme.  Our commission is 2% on a general funds and 4% for a direct introduction.

Apply now

Find out more about Ākina’s wider Impact Investment programme here.