Webinar: Finding Funding for Social Enterprise

How do you find funding and investment across the stages of your social enterprise? What funding is available? How might you plan to sustain and grow your activities? Find out answers to these questions and more at our funding webinar.

This webinar will cover:

  • The different funding options for social enterprise and where to find them
  • How different funding options suit different stages in a social enterprise’s development
  • How to secure different types of funding
  • Thinking long term and planning a strategy for sustainability and growth

You will gain an understanding of the types of funding your social enterprise may be able to access and what support services are available.

Please note: in the morning before this webinar, we will be hosting another webinar called “Legal Structure for Social Enterprise”. For more information and to register for this, click here.


How do I connect to the webinar?

Closer to the date, we will send you an email with instructions to connect to the webinar.

Who can I contact with questions about the event?

Contact Lucia Die Gil, Ākina Foundation: lucia.diegil@akina.org.nz or 021 0243 8858

You can book here