Ākina Workshop – Legal Structures for Social Enterprise – Christchurch

What is the right legal structure for your social enterprise? What are the pros and cons of the different options? What about having a charitable status? Find out answers to these questions and more at our legal structure workshop.

This workshop will cover:

  • When a social enterprise needs to operate under a legal structure
  • The pros and cons of the more common legal structures for social enterprise
  • What charitable status means and how it might affect your activities as a social enterprise, and
  • The role of governing documents, policy and people in the governance of a social enterprise.

Who should attend?

Social entrepreneurs and leaders of non-profits that:

  • Are setting up an initial legal structure for their social enterprise
  • Wondering whether their current legal structure will work for their social enterprise activity.

You will gain a full picture of what needs to be considered when creating a legalstructure under which to operate your social enterprise. Meet other like-minded people and leave with a better understanding of the next steps and what services are available to support you.

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