Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 and its Pacific Connection

Ākina Foundation, the host organisation for the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum, is pleased to announce an important conference collaboration with Pacific Business Trust. The forum, which will bring around 1200 global and national delegates to Christchurch from September 27th-29th, is a critical opportunity to showcase the social enterprise leadership of the Pacific community. A … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 8: Dream Finish

Day 8, Saturday, April 8th, 2017 Myles gave us a dream finish to the 2017 Tour of New Zealand. He beat out some of the fastest riders in the Tour to win our criterium race in front of Parliament this morning. Looking later at the GoPro video he shot from his bike, we could see … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 7: Above and Beyond

Day 7, Friday, April 7th , 2017 Thirty kilometres into today’s ride we suddenly heard the sound we all dread – the clatter of bike and rider going down, to staccato shouts from riders trying to avoid turning a solo accident into a pile-up. Myles was leading the pace-line, followed by Rod. We glanced quickly … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 6: Assuaging the Rain Gods

Day 6, Thursday, April 6th, 2017 With pink and yellow pairs of rubber kitchen gloves, plus supermarket shopping bags, we assuaged the rain gods this morning. We had carefully considered this tribute to them during the previous three days of very wet riding. Showing our respect for the gods’ awesome power, we pulled the kitchen … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 5: Finding Fun and Purpose

Day 5, Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 We’ll let two pictures tell you all you need to know about the riding conditions today. The first is our “dry” start at Methven, and the second en route looks down into the Rakaia Gorge where the road drops steeply down to the river crossing, then up the other … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 4: Pleasure, compromised

Day 4, Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 Rode again. Got wet and cold – again. But wait there’s more! Rain to we cyclists is rather like snow to Eskimos. It so dominates some of our activity we can go on and on about it. Don’t worry, ‘tho, we promise to keep this blog fairly brief. In … Continue Reading →

Team Ākina Bike Tour – Day 2: Climbing the Mountain

Day 2, Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 What a mountain! What a ride! Our race this morning over the Crown Range, the highest paved, through road in New Zealand, exceeded all our expectations. The weather was glorious, the views spectacular and the riding exhilarating. It is rarely so, given how fickle and harsh mountain weather often … Continue Reading →