Catalysing New Zealand’s Impact Investment Sector

As part of our commitment to growing social enterprise in New Zealand, we’re keen to scale the connection of promising ventures to funds. Impact investment is at a fledgling stage locally yet is beginning to thrive in places like the US, UK and Australia. We see an opportunity to optimise the existing options and to … Continue Reading →

Better by Design: back to the Māori future?

By Anake Goodall It is interesting to speculate on the vision that the Māori leadership of the nineteenth century had in mind as they signed the Treaty of Waitangi, and what they may have envisaged a co-created Aotearoa New Zealand – and their role in that nation-building exercise – would look like. A genuine blending … Continue Reading →

5 tips for building an ethically conscious brand

The week before Christmas, we received an early gift. Malcolm Rands, Founder of Ecostore, the sustainable and health-conscious brand, generously offered to give some time to one of our Launchpad teams to discuss the challenges of building a brand marketed to ethically conscious consumers. Because Ākina helps a number of startups aiming to reach these environmentally and socially conscious consumers, we considered Malcolm’s insights valuable enough to share. Enjoy.   1. Get in front of … Continue Reading →

Supporting communities to develop their own local transport services

We’ve supported the Kowhai Connection project since 2011, working with Bevan Woodward and partners to pilot and test an on-demand bus service linking Warkworth, Snells Beach and Matakana – an area north of Auckland. Now that we’ve completed our work on the project, we wanted to share some of our thoughts, and let people know … Continue Reading →

Exploring the ‘social’ in social enterprise

Jess Berentson-Shaw has just returned from a visit to India to meet the women from the tiny farming villages she’s planning to work with via her social enterprise, muka kids. As part of our guest blog series, Jess has written a blog post about her experiences: “The women and girls looked so beautiful in their … Continue Reading →

Helping ideas take shape

This year, we’ve met more than 240 aspiring social enterprises through our workshop and clinics programme, and we love it when they get in touch to let us know how they’re getting on. Last week, Rebecca Nicholson dropped Dan and Rowan from our venture team an email to let us know where she’d got to, … Continue Reading →

Ākina calls for more support for the social enterprise sector

This blog post is an extract from our recent Briefing to Incoming Ministers. Executive Summary The Ākina Foundation has prepared a briefing for incoming Ministers on the opportunity to improve economic performance and social wellbeing through the development of social enterprise and social impact investment in New Zealand. Social enterprise and impact investment can provide … Continue Reading →

On the architecture of enterprise ownership

We’re working with a range of people from interesting places and spaces to produce guest blogs for our website over the coming weeks. Ramsey Margolis, writer, editor and strategist, has contributed some thoughts on the architecture of enterprise ownership: How does the way that the ownership of an enterprise is structured affect how it operates? … Continue Reading →